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I write picture books with a focus on humorous fiction. Why?


1. I love the sound of children laughing!

2. Reading a humorous book aloud is magical. 

3. It's difficult to write funny and the challenge keeps me sharp. 


Even though I focus on funny, I also want my writing to encourage empathy. If I can help children connect with a character's struggle AND get some laughs, it's a win. 


I'm a member of the SCBWI and Julie Hedlund’s 12x12. In 2019, I was selected by author Jill Esbaum in the PBCHAT Twitter Mentorship Competition and I’ve also completed a mentorship with author Cate Berry. 



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"Hannah's story pulled me in from the first line and hit so many high notes that I really, really wanted to see more of her work. Her story demonstrated tight writing, humor, and heart, and a command of language that set her apart. Hannah has worked hard on her craft by participating in numerous workshops, conferences, webinars, etc. She knows her writing strengths and weaknesses and was concise in telling me what she wanted to work on during the mentorship. It didn't hurt that the type of stories she wants to put in the hands of kiddos aligns precisely with my own: those that make children laugh while learning empathy." 


                                                                                                                      -Jill Esbaum

This mentorship was a game changer. Not only did Jill give me confidence in my work, she gave me countless tools for revision and the encouragement to persevere after rejections. 



I received a 3rd place finish for my poem OUTSIDE KIND OF KIDS in the annual Spring Fling Kidlit contest hosted by Ciara O'Neal and Kaitlyn Sanchez. 

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